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Suggested resources from the Information Services and Library Team

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Researching companies and industries in the Middle East and North Africa

​Whilst we do not have any specialist resources for this region, many of our databases do have content on the some of the individual countries in this region.

Company research

Researching a company in this region?

Take a look at our guide to company research

News and keeping up to date

Covers business and sci/tech. Large number of economics and finance journals some with regional focus.
Factiva Our global news database with news wires, newspapers, websites and trade and professional titles. For MENA, limit your search to Asia > West Asia > Middle East, and Africa > North Africa. Registration required. NB: It is included when searching Factiva.
Economist Full personalised access to The Economist. Registration required
Project Syndicate Provides original, high-quality commentaries to a global audience, covering economics, politics, health, technology, and culture.

Researching industries in the MENA region

Mergent Online

For Analysts' research on quoted companies and their markets go to the Investext tab. 
Statista Offers statistics on a wide range of topics for this region such as Health, Automotive, Telecomms and Start ups.
Technavio Covers a huge range of industry sectors. Most reports are global and include 4 year forecasts. They include data on the Middle East and Africa.

Finance Zone only

Go to > Function <BI> and selection sectors and sub-sectors. Not all sectors are broken down by region.
Or use the function <RES>. 

Web sources

African Development Bank Group
This organisation is made up of 3 constituent groups: African Development Bank, African Development Fund and Nigeria Trust Fund. The website offers reports and data on all African nations including those covered by the term MENA.

Offers news and research for the MENA region. Some news stories can be accessed without signing up. Sign up free of charge to get slightly more content or pay a subscription to access the full range of content.

Arabian Business
It provides business and finance news and opinion articles, as well as a directory of companies located in Middle East.

Reality Check: Forecasting Growth in the Middle East and North Africa in Times of Uncertainty
2022 report from the World Bank.

Index of Economic Freedom
Ranking of 176 countries covering 10 freedoms including: property rights, freedom from corruption, fiscal freedom and labour freedom.

Middle East and Central Asia Regional Economic Outlook
2023 report from the IMF.

Produce a number of Insight reports on the Middle East region.

World Economic Forum
2019 briefing paper on risks in the MENA region.

Databases for economic data and analysis