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Technical Guidance

Databases - Technical guidance for access and other issues

About Eikon and Workspace

The information on this page is intended for London Business School degree programme students.  LBS Faculty and PhD students should see this page for details of access.

Both Eikon and Workspace provide access to company (financials, deals, ownership), market and economic data. These platforms replace the Thomson One and Datastream subscriptions we have previously had (see below for further information). The two platforms are very similar and we have had two EIkon terminals for some years.  We have taken the decision for the time being to retain Eikon access whilst also launching the newer Workspace platform because of the different access models they allow us to have.


Replacing ThomsonOne and Datastream

ThomsonOne: Most (but not all) of the data you many be familiar with using ThomsonOne to access can be found on either Eikon or Workspace, however, for analyst research students should now use MergentOnline instead.

Datastream: Useful for anyone needing to download long time series of market data or economic data. Although it is no longer available as a standalone database, it has it's own section within the Eikon and Workspace Excel add-ins. Please be aware that for the time being Datastream will only be available to Windows users of the Workspace Excel add-in, whereas Mac users will be able to use the rest of the Workspace add-in if they are using Excel through Office 365.

Access to Eikon

We currently have two Eikon terminals in the Finance Suite room SO.W2.02.  When logging into these PCs please use the credentials displayed next to the PC you are using.

Access to Workspace

To access Workspace you will need to have a licence assigned to you.  Due to the high cost of the licences, we are not able to automatically assign a licence to all students and instead you must request a licence 2-3 days before you need to use it.  The form to request a licence can be found in our A-Z list or here.

Licences will initially be assigned for 2 weeks at a time, but we may have to change this depending on the demand we see for access.  If no licence is available for you when you request it, you will be added to a waiting list and assigned one as soon as one becomes available. Don't forget that if you have to wait for a licence, you can always access the Eikon terminals instead.

When you are assigned a licence to Workspace by a member of the library team it can take anywhere from 20minutes to 6 hours for you to receive a confirmation email from Refinitiv.  Generally it takes much longer for the confirmation to arrive if you have requested Datastream when filling out the form than if you have just requested Workspace.