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Guide to using e-books subscribed to by the London Business School Library

Foundations & Trends



A source of excellent peer-reviewed publications in business, economics and computer science. Foundations and Trends is already acclaimed as a “go to” resource for graduate students scoping out a topic and more senior researchers looking for a high-level introduction to a new area. Written by research leaders in the field, each one offers a state-of-the-art review of its subject matter, including a complete bibliography, which is then vetted and validated by a peer-review process


Staff, students & faculty


Access on and off campus, via Summon, the library catalogue and Libguides


Open the chapter in your PDF reader and print from the PDF file

Although there are no printing/copying restrictions imposed by FnT, please be aware that such usage is still subject to the usual copyright restrictions


To read the article/book you will need to click on the download article link. this will open the item as a PDF.


Search our catalogue


E-Books are listed in the Library Catalogue. 
Click on the URL link in the record.
If there is no e-book version of a book that you need
email as we may be able to help.