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Supplying readings to students in Canvas - key pointers

When adding readings to Canvas the Library can provide advice on the availability of readings - particularly e-books.
We can scan book chapters and acquire material copyright cleared.


Key considerations

Availability of material Send details of your readings to the Library as soon as possible. So we can make sure we have the material and quantities required. 

Citation Format
All resources should be fully cited especially book chapters. In order to cite properly the students need to have full bibliographic details.
The SUMMON database (and other platforms) will supply formatted citations. In Summon look for the bold quotation mark symbol.  Use the Harvard citation style.
Copyright Compliance
Ensure all published material (web or print) added to Canvas comply with UK copyright law.  
Check that the publication is included under the CLA licence using their web lookup.  Contact the Library if you are unsure.
Is the quantity permitted? 10% of a book or 1 chapter, (or whichever is greater.)  10% or one article from a journal issue.
URLs to link or providing PDFs
Linking is the preferred way to provide access to our subscribed journal articles as linking does not impact on copyright.
The exception is the Harvard Business Review – do NOT link to our online articles. You must purchase HBR articles.
Case studies that are not ours have to be purchased.Many publishers allow the posting of a PDF version of a published article - use the CLA web lookup and look for a tick next to the digital edition. 
Please note that due to license restrictions we are not able to use PDFs from the ProQuest database or Factiva so link instead.
Availability/ Ordering
Journal articlescheck the A-Z list of e-journals to make sure we have access to the journal and the required volume/issue. If a journal is covered by the CLA licence but we don’t have it contact the Library. You may not provide personal copies of journal articles or book chapters.
Books & e-books – check the Library catalogue. If you cannot find the title contact the Library. If the book is a required text we can purchase multiple copies and place the title in the course collection or check for and e-book version.
Contact the Library: email:
Editions The library will always try to purchase the latest edition of a text book. Please check the edition you are using with the copy/copies held in the Library. To be copyright compliant the Library should hold a copy of all titles from which readings are taken.
Requesting scans of material
We can provide fully copyright compliant scanned material. Please allow at least 3 working days. (When the Library is open.) From March 2020 scans have Optical Character Recognition. (OCR).


Types of resource

           Where to check Requirements Linking (urls) PDFs
Books - print innnnnnnnnnpin  The library catalogue     xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx        Is it a required or optional? Are there multiple copies?
Let the library know. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Books - chapter


The library catalogue

The library can:

- Check the title is covered by the CLA.
- Check the quantity is permitted.
- Provide a scan with the required copyright front sheet.

The Library can provide a quote for the cost of a CLA second extract permission.

NA All scanned chapters must have a copyright cover sheet and must be save using the file naming conventions and must go on the annual CLA return. See Copyright document.
E-books The library catalogue

Is the e-book access model suitable for multiple access – check with the library.

Do you need a link to the whole book or a chapter?
The Library can provide you with a link that will work on and off campus. We can also create a chapter specific link. We may be able to commission an e-book NA
Journal articles

Use SUMMON or the A-Z list of e-journals

If we don’t have a subscription to the journal ask the Library to buy the article copyright cleared. (Provide a budget code.) 

Harvard Business Review articles must be purchased direct from the publisher.

Make sure that the link you use is correctly formatted for off campus use. See linking document.
Not all publishers allow use of PDFs check the CLA website. 
N.B. we cannot upload articles from Factiva or ProQuest - Link instead.
All uploaded articles must have a copyright cover sheet and be recorded for the annual CLA return.
Newspaper Articles

Check using SUMMON or the

A-Z list of e-journals

You need to check the rules of the NLA licence.

See the Copyright document.

Linking to Factiva is the best way to supply newspaper articles.  Make sure that the link you use is correctly formatted for off campus use. See linking document
Always link to the F.T. Com as the students have full access once they have registered. Electronic distribution is not permitted.

PDFs are usually only available from certain UK titles (except the F.T.)

Ask the Library for guidance.
LBS Case studies  Email: We can use our own cases for free – do NOT buy them. Contact the subject area or email or ask the Library. NA Will be supplied as a PDF.
Case studies - by Harvard and others To buy cases from Harvard use the widget in Canvas.   For some HBS cases you may have to go direct to Harvard. or for cases from other institutions use: The case Cases are usually supplied as digitally rights managed (DRM) links to PDFs and the links cease to work a short while after the course ends. NA
Free tio view websites Free on the web does NOT mean free from copyright restrictions. Remember just because an item is freely available doesn’t automatically mean it can be uploaded (as a PDF) onto Canvas. 

Linking is the safest way to provide readings –but do not bypass any registration.

A news website may set a limit on the number of articles a person can read per month – check.
Check what the publication says.  Look for their permissions or terms of use or copyright pages to see if copying for non - commercial use is allowed.
Videos Youtube Videos can be illegally placed on the web – check the person who uploaded it has the rights. You must link to video content – do not rip/copy videos. NA