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Reading list essentials: The basics

What to think about when preparing readings for students in Canvas.

The basics

Reading Lists on Canvas
When adding reading to Canvas courses the Information Services and Library can help with the following: 
•    Advice on the availability of material
•    Advice and sourcing of print and e-books
•    Scanning of print materials
•    Making durable links to subscribed e-resources
•    Training on research, finding materials, copyright and the CLA return

Please note that Executive Education Participants and Alumni (even when enrolled on student course do not have the same e-resource access as our current students. Contact the Library for guidance.

Availability of material 

Send details of your readings to the Library as soon as possible so we can make sure we have the materials and quantities required. This is especially important if an e-book is required or multiple chapters from one book.

Citation Format

All resources should be properly cited to ensure academic integrity. The SUMMON database (and other platforms) will supply formatted citations. In Summon look for the bold quotation mark symbol. Our default is the Harvard citation style.

Linking versus PDFs

Linking is the preferred way to provide access to our subscribed journal articles and news content on  Factiva as linking does NOT impact on copyright.

For one, (or sometimes two) chapters of a book we can make a scan for those titles covered by the CLA licence and provide you with a LINK to the scanned reading stored in the Cloud. The Document Content Store (DCS) is a cloud store managed by the CLA. 

Copyright Compliance

Ensure all published material, however sourced, that you add to Canvas as a file/PDF complies with UK copyright law.  When you supply a reading (as a scan or PDF) you need to know which one of these options apply:

Owned - LBS own the copyright. We own the copyright of LBS cases, Think@ London Business School, formerly known as Business Strategy Review.

Free - the publication/website explicitly states that content may be used for non-commercial (or educational) purposes or it has an appropriate Creative Commons licence.

Licenced - the title is covered by the CLA licence and you are within the quantity limits. 

Fee - you have purchased the rights to copy for the specific course.

Availability/ Ordering

Journal articles – check the A-Z list of e-journals to make sure we have access to the journal and the required volume/issue. If a journal is covered by the CLA licence but we don’t have it contact the Library. The same applies to single book chapters. 

Books & e-books.  If the book is a required text, we can explore e-book options. We may be ablte to commission an e-text book  if given time (at  leat 3 weeks.) Contact the Library.


Please check the edition you are using with the copy/copies held in the Library.  The library will always try to purchase the latest edition. 

Requesting Scanned material

We can check copyright compliance and provide OCR scanned material. Please allow at least 3 working days and supply course details.
Source Where to check Requirements Linking


Free websites Free on the web does NOT mean copyright free.

Ideally link if freely accessible.

Check there is no article monthly limit.

Check the publication; look for their permissions or terms of use or copyright pages to see if copying for non-commercial use is allowed.

Print books

library catalogue Is it a required or optional reading? Are there multiple copies held in the Library?
There are strict limits on book copying - see below.
See next column.

We are supplying scanned chapters by linking to the CLA's DCS (Cloud store). This system provides reading/ and removes the need for the Subject Areas to complete the CLA return.

Book chapters (print) library catalogue

The library can:

- Check the title is covered by the CLA.

- Check the quantity is permitted.

- Provide a link to a scan of the content with CLA cover sheet.

- Buy a book chapter copyright cleared.

The Library can obtain the price of a second extract permission if more than 10% is needed.


See next column.


We are using the DCS a system that supplies chapters as links to the CLA cloud doucument store.

(Not for Exec Ed.)

E-Books library catalogue Is the Library e-book access model suitable for multiple user access? Ak the library. We may be able to commission an e-book given time.
Note that there are tight controls on e-book downloading and printing

The Library can provide a link that will work on/off campus for the whole e- book or a specific chapter.

Journal Articles

Check using SUMMON or the

A-Z list of e-journals

If we don’t have a subscription to the journal, ask the Library to buy the article copyright cleared. (Provide a budget code.)

Harvard Business Review articles must be purchased (using the Canvas widget) even though we subscribe - as linking is prohibited.  We have a new (limited) collection of HBR content that does permit free linking. Ask the Library for the list.

Linking is the preferred option for all our subscribed journals and news databases.

Make sure that the link you use is correctly formatted for off campus use.

See the linking document.

Link whenever possible - ask the Library for a durable link.

For LLL participants and Exec Ed. participants ask the Library for help as they have limited access to e-resources
Newspaper Articles

Check using SUMMON or the

A-Z list of e-journals

The rules of the NLA licence are restrictive.

We always advise linking to news articles.
Link to news articles in Factiva following our instructions.) Always link to the F.T. Com and the Economist as students have access and supplying digital copies is NOT permitted. PDFs are only available for certain UK titles. Ask the Library for guidance.
LBS Cases Email: We can use our own cases for free - do NOT buy them. Email N/A Will be supplied as a  controlled link to a PDF.

Harvard & other cases

Use the Harvard widget in Canvas.
For others buy from The Case Centre.Org 
For some Harvard cases you may have to go direct to Harvard

Cases are usually supplied as digitally rights managed (DRM) links to PDFs and the links cease to work a short while after the course ends.

Cases are usually supplied as digitally rights managed (DRM) links to PDFs and the links cease to work a short while after the course ends.

Videos YouTube Videos can be illegally placed on the web – check the person who uploaded it to YouTube has the right to do so. You should link to video content – do not rip/copy videos. Queries -  ask the library. N/A