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Entertainment industry search tips:

In our databases it's very likely that content will be classified using more specific terms such as the Television or Movie industries.

Company databases may use SIC codes or NAIC codes and in the field of finance the GICS codes may be used (or an ICB for the UK). More information.

Company research

Researching a company in this sector?

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Learn about the Entertainment industry

First Research             

These quarterly reports have a North American bias, but do often refer to the global market. It covers various aspects of the entertainment industry such as amusement parks, bowling alleys, movie theatres and distribution.


Provides detailed market research reports for UK, US, China and (limited) global.
Reports relevant to this sector include: Movie theatres in the US, Motion picture production in the UK, Global music production and distribution.

Statista Covers various aspects of the entertainment industry including overviews, digital entertainment, entertainment retail, concert revenues etc.
Mergent Online

Company financials, short industry reports and analyst research reports on this sector. Go to the Investext tab for analysts' reports.

Technavio Insights

Wide ranging coverage of the entertainment sector. Recent reports include Amusement parks; Interactive Children's books; Visual Effects market; Mobile gaming; Event Tickets market.

Finance Zone only

Go to > Function <BI> and selection sectors and sub-sectors.
Or use the function <RES>. 

Web sources

Motion Picture Association of America
Annual THEME report takes detailed look at industry statistics for North America. Report published March 2022 covers data for 2021.

International Federation of the Phonographic Industry
Market statistics and some reports are available. Other premium reports must be purchased.

Online version of the famous entertainment industry publication. News stories can be read as well as film and tv reviews. Also offers some recent box office statistics.

Record Industry Association of America
Reports and statistics as well as comment on topics such as music piracy.

Covers the technology, media, and telecommunications sector. Annual TMT Predictions report (2022 now available) highlights major trends and drivers expected over coming 12 months. Also includes a 2021 article on Subscription Video on Demand.

Ernst & Young
A number of reports on the media and entertainment sector, including their Capital Confidence Barometer which looks at M&A in this sector.

News and keeping up to date

Factiva Our global news database with news wires, newspapers, websites and trade and professional titles. For better results try limiting the sources you are searching to those relevant to the Media / Entertainment industry.
Registration required. NB: It is included when searching Factiva.
Full personalised access to The Economist. Registration required