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Training and Help

From the Information Services and Library Team

Preparing your laptop for FactSet

IMPORTANT ADVICE to follow before you login to FactSet Connect for the first time

Use a supported browser

Only the browsers listed below will work with FactSet Connect

  • Windows: Internet Explorer 11
  • Mac: Safari

(NOTE: on Windows 10, the default Edge browser is not supported – follow the instructions below to activate Internet Explorer 11)

Activating Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 10

Search Windows 10 for internet explorer

Right-click on the result listing and select Pin to Taskbar


Next, add FactSet to the list of Internet Explorer Trusted Sites as described below.

Essential Windows Internet Explorer 11 settings for FactSet Connect (Windows 10 and 7 users)

You must add a Trusted Sites entry for in Internet Explorer before FactSet will work

Open Internet Explorer and click Tools > Internet Options > Trusted Sites > Sites


Enter: https://* and save the changes.


All users: bookmark the FactSet login page: