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Automotive industry search tips:

In our databases the automotive industry may be classified under headings such as Motor industry, Car industry, Commercial vehicles

Company databases may use SIC codes or NAIC codes and in the field of finance the GICS codes may be used (or an ICB for the UK). More information.

Company research

Researching a company in this sector?

Take a look at our guide to company research

Learn about the Automotive industry


Provides detailed market research reports for UK, US, China and (limited) global.
Searching for automotive finds reports on topics such as Global Car and Automobile Manufacturing, Automobile Interior Manufacturing (US), Engine Manufacturing in China (China).

Technavio Insights   

Recommended resource for researching the automotive market. Market reports for many different automotive components as well as broader reports e.g. high performance cars and electric cars.

Statista Statistics, reports and infographics on various aspects of the automotive industry around the world.
MarketLine Advantage Contains basic industry and company profiles for sectors such as Automotive manufacturing, Automotive aftermarket, Light trucks and New cars.
Mergent Online Use Mergent to find company financials, short industry reports and analyst research reports on this sector.

Finance Zone only

Go to > Function <BI> and select sectors and sub-sectors. Information available for Automotive sector includes cost analysis, market share and production and sales data.
Or use the function <RES>. 

Web sources

Automotive Industry - PwC
PwC produce regular insights on various aspects of the automotive industry.

European Automobile Manufacturers Association
Industry statistics and publications including a 2022 Economic and Market Report.

US Motor Vehicle Trade Statistics
Legacy site provides statistical data from the Department of Commerce's International Trade Administration from 2014-2019.

International Organisation of Motor Vehicle Manufacturers
Includes sales and production data.

Automotive Reports - BCG
BCG produce regular reports on different aspects on the Automotive industry, including the 2023 report Aftermarket 2030— The Fleet Imperative.

Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (UK)
Numerous reports and data available including their 2022 Motor Industry Facts report.

KPMG Automotive Institute
Global Automotive Executive survey is an annual report from KPMG. The 2022 report is currently available.  

Automotive Insights
Recent McKinsey reports some forecasting to 2030.

News and keeping up to date

Covers business and sci/tech. Good for academic articles on materials, technologies and processes in automotive manufacturing.
Factiva Our global news database with news wires, newspapers, websites and trade and professional titles. For a more targeted search try limiting the sources to the automotive industry. Registration required. NB: It is included when searching Factiva.
Economist Full personalised access to The Economist. Registration required
ProQuest Business Premium Collection Covers business and industry journals, news wires and reports. Includes some content from Just-Auto.