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Many browser extensions exist to facilitate access to journal articles and help you avoid paywalls, and each do slightly different things. Our top pick is LibKey Nomad, as it connects with our library subscriptions and open access data from Unpaywall to give you seamless access to articles. We also recommend the Google Scholar Button, and it works in complement to LibKey Nomad.

Use the Google Scholar Button to help you find articles, and LibKey Nomad to help you access them.

LibKey Nomad [recommended]

LibKey Nomad logo

LibKey Nomad is a browser extension that gives you fast, one-click access to scholarly journal articles. If access isn't provided by the library or an open access source, it will route you through to our document supply form so you can easily request it.

Download LibKey Nomad

Google Scholar Button

The Google Scholar Button is a browser extension that provides easy access to Google Scholar from any web page. Link Google Scholar to our Library's subscriptions by going to the Menu > Settings > Library links.

Download Google Scholar Button

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