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Suggested resources from Information Services and Library Team

Search tips


Search tips:

In our databases, technology maybe broken down into sub-sectors such as hardware, software, networking etc..

Company databases may use SIC codes or NAIC codes and in the field of finance the GICS codes may be used (or an ICB for the UK). More information.


Learn about the Technology Industry

Technavio One of our top resources for researching technology markets, from smallest components  through to tech services.


Covers all aspects of computer technology, including hardware, software, cloud computing as well as Social Media. Reports are targeted people fulfilling different professional roles, so some may be suitable for CIO's,others Information architects or Marketing professionals etc..

Availability: Global, but you do need to register before you can use it


Provides detailed market research reports for UK, US, China and (limited) global. Titles covered include:
US Security software publishing
IT Services in China
UK Data Processing and Hosting Services

Marketline Industry and company profiles from relevant sectors including software,semi conductors and cloud computing. Industry profiles include a Five Forces Analysis.

Mergent online

For Analysts' research on quoted companies and their markets go to the Investext tab.

Business Monitor Online

Quarterly reports on Information Technology for a number of countries. However reports on some other sectors also focus quite heavily on technology.
Good for forecasts.

Finance Zone only

Go to > Function <BI> and selection sectors and sub-sectors.
Or use the function <RES>. 

Web sources

Global Information Technology report 2016
Annual report covering this sector from the World Economic Forum



Main Science and Technology Indicators
Published twice a year by the OECD. Other reports on specific tech topics are also available.  Can be read online free of charge


Technology Vision 2020
Report from Accenture which looks at the theme ‘The Post digital era'.

Unleashing Technology, Media and Telecom with Digital Transformation
2016 Value Creators report on the TMT sector from Boston Consulting Group.


Tech Trends 2020
Deloitte's look at the top trends in 2020.



Cyber Risk Survey results
2017 reports from Willis Towers Watson for US and UK



News and keeping up to date

Science Direct                  
Covers academic titles published by Elsevier in the fields of business and sci/tech. Our subscription covers full access or partial access to a number of titles in the field of Computer Science.
Factiva Our global news database with news wires, newspapers, websites and trade and professional titles. Try limiting your search to those sources relevant to your industry (using the index fields).
FT.Com Prior registration required. Click here to register. (It is included when searching Factiva)
Economist No need to register - just search. 
Emerald ManagementXtra Our subscription provides full or partial access to a range of titles relevant to the Technology sector.