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Market research overview

Suggested resources from the Information Services and Library Team

International market reports

Key sources of market research:

Industry-based market research analysis providing strategic insights on US, UK, EU, China, and global markets. 

It provides 30 to 40 pages of key statistics and analysis on market characteristics, operating conditions, current and forecast performance, cost structure, major industry participants and more. 

MarketLine Advantage
Provides global research data on companies, industries and countries, via industry reports; industry profiles; case studies and deals. Reports may be regional or country specific.

A statistics portal providing statistics, reports (dossiers) and infographics. It incorporates free and subscription data sources and covers 600 industry sectors. It is particularly strong on social media and consumer products.

Technavio Insights 
Technavio Insights from Infiniti Research publishes over 17,000 reports that review and identify market opportunities for over 800 sectors, industries, new/emerging technologies in over 50 countries. 

Fitch Reports via ProQuest
In the ProQuest database there are a series of quarterly industry and country reports by Fitch:

  • Fitch Solutions Country Industry Reports.  PUBID(2044556)
    These provide global or regional reports and individual country reports on major industries. For example: Global renewables,  Europe power, France renewables (with a 10 year forecast).
  • Fitch Solutions Industry Insight Reports.  PUBID(2044554)
    These take a broader look at an industry in a region: Americas Power and Renewables Insight, European Agribusiness Insight, Middle East and Africa Mining Insight, and the wider; Drug Delivery Insight
  • ​​​​​​Fitch Solutions Risk Reports.  PUBID(2044555)
    These provide general country risk reports and reports on more specific areas: Operational Risk, Trade and Investment, Crime and security.

You can find them in the ProQuest database by entering the publication ID and adding a keyword:
    PUBID(2044556) AND renewables
    PUBID(2044555) AND Brazil

Or use our Summon search and enter your key search terms with the word Fitch. The use the side bar to limit by date and by type=report.
For example:  mining AND brazil AND fitch

Mergent Online - Investext tab
Covers quoted companies and their industries. 
TIP - There is an option to choose an “initiating coverage report”. These often provide good coverage of an industry.

Business Source Premier
As well as journal and trade press articles it includes limited market research and country reports from Datamonitor (called Marketwatch).

ProQuest Business Premium Collection
Broad coverage of industries, markets, management topics, finance and country data. 
Tip: When searching by keyword limit by date and full text and then on the side panel limit by document type: Report, Industry report, Market Research
Tip: Other way to locate market studies is to use the “Browse option” on the home page and open up the market research drop down.
Tip: If you need historical market research then the Snapshot reports may help (see note above about how to browse for these). Snapshot reports stopped being updated in 2008 and the earliest reports are from 2001. Each report has 5 years of historical data.

Forrester (registration required)
Research on technology and business in the broadest sense. Topics covered include: architecture and technology strategy, infrastructure, business process management, digital and mobile business, cloud computing, business intelligence, customer experience and much more. Different types of reports for different audiences, e.g. Playbooks are a good starting point on a topic for Senior Executives.

First Research via ProQuest
They are US-specific reports, although a section in each report gives an insight into the international market. They cover a wide range of industries and looks at market drivers, critical issues, challenges and opportunities. 

From the basic search screen enter your keyword term plus the publication ID, e.g:
  solar AND PUBID(51791)    

BuddeComm via ProQuest
These reports cover Telecomms globally.
From the basic search screen enter your keyword term or country name plus the publication ID, e.g:
   Jamaica AND PUBID(4722819)