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Search tips

Search tips:

In most of our databases content relevant to researching commodities is likely to be broken out into individual commodities or sectors, rather than under the one encompassing term. 

Company databases may use SIC codes or NAIC codes and in the field of finance the GICS codes may be used (or an ICB for the UK). More information.

We also have an Agribusiness guide that may be useful if you are researching crop based commodities

Company research

Researching a company in this sector?

Take a look at our guide to company research

Reports and data on commodities

Business Monitor International                   

Look for reports by subject. Reports are generally for a single country or region. Relevant sectors covered include agribusiness, metals, mining, natural gas and petroleum.
Good for forecasts.


Provides industry reports for UK, US, China and (limited) global. Many relevant to researching of commodities including agriculture, processing, metals, transportation and warehousing etc.

Global Financial Data Long (back to 1000 for silver and back to 1257 for gold prices) time series data for many commodities.
Please follow instructions on Portal message of the day as it is no longer possible to login anonymously to this database.
Available: on campus only.

Technavio Insights

Covers various agricultural commodities, metals and minerals.

Mergent Online

Commodity price data going back up to 10 years. Once in the database select Economic Research>Commodities.

Mergent also has analyst research reports on commodities and related companies. Access through the Investext tab.

Statista Information on reserves, production, and consumption (supply and demand), as well as prices, M&A activity, and other economic indicators for a wide array of chemical products and resource commodities.
ProQuest Business Premium Collection Articles on the topic. It also contains commodities reports from the EIU and Oxford Economics. To access go to Browse>Industries>Industry Reports.

Times series data for thousands of commodities some back as far as the 1950s.
Available: Eikon terminals in S0.W2.02 and A125. Faculty and PhD students please contact the library for access.

Finance Zone only

For Global commodity prices use GLCO<GO>. CCRV for a Commodity Curve. You can also access more detailed information on specific commodity sectors from the yellow commodity key (F9).
There are also useful "Cheat Sheets" for a number of commodities. To locate them go to BPS> Commodities>Cheat Sheets

Available: Finance Suite, SO.W2.01 & 02 and A125.

Web sources

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN monitors commodities markets, producing reports and statistics.

OECD-FAO Agricultural Outlook 2021-2030
The latest version of this annual publication can be read online. There are also data visualisation tools and databases that can be queried.

The UN Conference on Trade and Development has a 200+ page report on the State of Commodity Dependence published in 2021.

US Geological Survey
The US Geological Survey has statistics and reports relating to mineral commodities.

World Bank
Offers up price data and analysis on commodity markets.

International Grains Council
Some content must be purchased, but some price data and a summary of their latest Grains Market Report can be found.

World Agriculture Supply and Demand Estimates Report
Monthly bulletin from the US Department of Agriculture. Historical bulletins are also available.

Produces Annual Statistical Bulletin which can be downloaded from the website as well as monthly reports.

Gold 2048
World Gold Council report looking at likely developments in the Gold market over the next 30 years. Must register for access to the full report.

News and keeping up to date

Covers business and sci/tech. Key titles include World Development, Energy Policy, Food Policy as well as many Economics titles.
Factiva Our global news database with news wires, newspapers, websites and trade and professional titles. Try limiting your search by just searching Sources by relevant industries or by the Subject = Commodity Markets. Registration required. NB: It is included when searching Factiva.
Economist Full personalised access to The Economist. Registration required