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Vendor and LBS library recorded training


Vendor created training materials


To get to their integrated help pages go to the top right had ? icon to access help and training relevant to the function/page you are on. 
Bloomberg offers 3 self paced certifications programmes. For information about all 3 go to the <BCER> page. You will recieve a certificate of completion of the course.

  • BFF Bloomberg Finance Fundamentals.
    Modules: Purpose of investing, Types of investment, Risk and reward, Portfolio management. (90 minutes each.)
  • BMC - Bloomberg Market Concepts
    Modules: Economic Indicators (1hr), Currencies (1hr), Fixed income (3hr), Equities (1hr), Getting started on the terminal (2hrs), Portfolio management (2hrs,) Stock options (2hrs) Commodities (2hrs.) 
  • ESG  - ESG
    Modules: Introduction to ESG & Sustainable Finance(1hr), Researching and Adopting ESG(1hr), Negative Exclusionary Screening and Positive Screening(1hr), ESG Intergration - Fixed Income(1hr), ESG Intergration - Equities(1hr) Corporate Govenance & Shareholder Activism(1hr) Reporting Sustainability Abilities(1hr)

To sign up log via the Bloomberg terminal and fo to <BCER>. Or you can take the programmes remotely through the Bloomberg for Education website. NB for the web training you must request a code from the library team.

Business Source Premier has an introductory video tutorial for searching (use link on left to access). You can also get to page sensitive help when using the database through the ? icon that appears.

Click on the Help button ? top right hand corner to access the Helpcentre which offers, webinars and training videos. There are videos offering: New user training, Screening and the Office Plug-In, plus webinars of more specific areas suchs as markets and deals, Corporate valuation and Insurance.

They also offer a series of self-paced training programmes: 
Capital IQ Pro 101 Certification
Master platform basics in Capital IQ Pro to earn your 101 Certification and display your achievements to your LinkedIn network. We estimate that it takes 3.75 hours to complete all 10 courses.

Emerald offers a number  of short training clips on YouTube. Click on the Emerald link on the left for a clip on Quick and Advanced Searching.
Factiva, our major news database has a number of training clips available on YouTube - click on the image on the left. 
Or Watch our 2 min training video here.
Once you are logged into Factset go to FactSet Learning to access their full suite of training presentations (can also be accessed from the ? icon).  Also under this support icon is written guidance under the Appplication Help heading.
Bank data - their guidance is available from the ? icon once in the database, including links to download the Excel add-in.

Once you have registered and have access to - sScroll down to the very bottom of the page to myFT Tour to understand the key features such as topic tracking, alerts and breifings, FT Community and the FT App.

Video Guides and a User Guide can be accessed by clicking on the top right person icon. Most useful for the statistics on the platform.
Log into Pitchbook using the SSO login option, then use the  ? link on the top right to access a series  platform walkthroughs. (Note we do not have the Excel Plugin.)

The bottom of the landing page offer help and guidance including a link to their product education pages.


Videos are available on many of the different datasets hosted on this platform. Once logged in, click on "Videos" under the search box. More basic introductory videos can also be accessed from the "Support" link.


Short Library training videos

Analysts' research in Investext - our most comprehensive source.
(3 mins)

How to find analysts' research reports in Factiva
(1 min)

Finding news in Factiva

Finding news and trade press in Factiva
(2 mins)