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Keep up to date - news

Follow the topic ESG Investing and/or associated categories: Impact Investing and Climate Change.
The FT also offers a Moral Money newsletter that can be sent directly to your inbox or view the Moral Money hub for all the latest ESG news, opinion and analysis gathered from across the FT.  You can sign up for FT access here.

Bloomberg carries a lot of articles on ESG. Try entering NI ESG<GO> for general articles or the more specific NI ESGCONTROV<GO> for ESG related controversies. Bloomberg terminals are available in the Finance Suite. and Bloomberg Business Week content is available in Business Source Premier. Go to the Publications tab to single the out.

Use Factiva for global news coverage including news wires, newspapers and top digital publications and blogs. When searching for news articles try adding the subject index term Environmental/Social/Governance (comes under the Corporate/Industrial News heading in the index) to your search to ensure that articles are on topic.

The Economist
The Economist has considerable coverage of the topic. You can sign up for personal access here.

Project Syndicate
Try Project Syndicate for longer opinion pieces on Government and Corporate actions around Sustainability and ESG.

Free web sources
Free web sources are many and varied - here are just a few:

PwC Luxembourg - ESG Research Centre 
Sustainalytics Research Centre 
Thomson Reuters ESG Research Centre 
McKinsey sustainability Insights - broader than just ESG.
Morningstar provides guides to: The EU Action Plan, Guide to SFDR, EU Benchmarks, MiFID Sustainability. You must register to download.

Research on ESG

SSRN - ESG Research Hub
SSRN  is a pre-print repository of scholarly research. The SSRN Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) Hub highlights early-stage research examining how socially conscious investors can evaluate potential investments based on ESG criteria and how use of these criteria encourages positive corporate responsibility.

Use the Summon service to search across the Library's subscribed e-journals, trade press, news and book content. 

Google Scholar
Google Scholar to search scholarly literature whether subscribed to by us or not. We can obtain materials we do not hold.