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Interview research

Researching a company pre interview

Beginning to research prior to an interview

You may wish to consider:

  • Company’s history, structure, locations.
  • Company’s clients, products, and services: how and where they make money, their USP.
  • Company financial strength, and segmental data.
  • Company recent acquisitions.
  • Company culture. 
  • Company strategy, plans.
  • ESG ratings and commitments.
  • Management - key players, the interviewer, any LBS alumni? 

Widen to:

  • Company competitors/peers.
  • The industry and its drivers: SWOT/PESTLE, Five Forces. 
  • Their key competitors’ recent acquisitions - is a key competitor actively acquiring start ups that target a different market?
  • Company news and recent events, earnings calls, investor presentations.
  • City Analysts’ views and forecasts.

Company website, investor relations and annual reports
Most essential components of the annual 10-K filing include:

  • Item 1:     Business (a description of the company's operation)
  • Item 1A:   Risk Factors
  • Item 3:     Legal Proceedings
  • Item 6:     Selected Financial Data
  • Item 7:     Management's Discussion and Analysis of the Financial Condition

Use subscribed resources
If you use a subscribed resouce such as Capital IQ you can easily view company docuements all in one place. In CIQ go to the News, Events and Filings section to find Company annual reports and 10ks or look for the link to the 10k at the top of the company profile. More here.

Explore free web sources



Social media 

Glassdoor website where current and former employees anonymously review companies

Personal networks fellow students or Alumni (Alumni Hub.) You can search for LBS alumni in CIQ.

Google the company. Try using the search string:  [organisation name AND company culture], then sift through the results.

Google news