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Interview research

Researching a company pre interview

Top subscribed e-resources

Top sources Use for:
S& P Capital IQ Pro Company key data, people, company structure, financials, peer group, transactions/acquisitions, customers and suppliers. It also has transcripts of investor presentations and conferences which provide useful insights. 
Also funding history for VC companies. See also Pitchbook.

Global news source -  it includes the FT and Wall Street Journal plus top trade and professional titles. You can free text search or use indexing terms.
Tip - Save time - go to the Companies and markets tab > Company to find a concise company profile with categorised news, some basic financials, a peer group and up to 3 recent analysts’ research reports.

Mergent Online

For analysts’ research go to the Investext tab.. Tip -  search for company name as keyword in title for a more focussed results list.

For ESG - Find the company and go to the Sustainability Report tab to get a concise FTSE Russell report showing how the company compares to its peers in the 3 pillars. For more ESG sources see our guide: ESG and sustainable business

Bloomberg Use <BICO> for an in depth company analysis, looking at the issues and challenges faced by the company and its industry.
First Research reports In Summon enter: <industry name> AND “First research” and search. Then use the side filter to limit to Industry reports. 
These report by Dun & Bradstreet focus on the US - and look at: the competitive landscape, products, operations and technology, sales and marketing, finance and regulation, industry indicators, forecasts and drivers, critical issues, business challenges, business trends, industry opportunities.

Plus handy:  Executive insights, Executive conversation starters and Call prep questions. 

Market research from:

See our Market research guide for further detail on these resources and more 
Top resources:

IBISWorld gives a 5 forces analysis. Covering 700 US, 400 UK, 200 China and 75 Global markets. Plus a range of European country reports. Their industry reports have a Call prep section at the end.

Marketline also provides a simpler company SWOT analysis.

Forrester provides technical insights and trends with the its Forrester Wave analysing the players in key technology markets. Pre registration required.

(Single search).

The top search box on our homepage.

Finds news and journal articles by searching across the majority of our textual databases. It also finds certain company and industry profiles and limited analysts’ research. Useful for technical and strategic content on companies and industries.
Use it to find valuable Fitch and First Research country and market  content.
For example enter:  fitch and automobile - and search.  Then use the side pane to limit to the last year and select industry and market reports. Coverage is global. Of example the Q1 2022  Saudi Arabia Autos Report Includes 10-year forecasts to 2030.

As well as great coverage of PE and VC companies and newly emerging market spaces you can also research public companies. Just search by company and go the the Full Profile.  Go to Company Signals to view the ranking, growth and size of a company's online presence: Twitter followers, Facebook likes, web traffic. 
For consulting firms go to the Full Profile it has Services to Companies and Services to Investors sections and also Services to Limited partners and Lead partners on deals. 
Note we do not  subscribe to the Analysts' research in Pitchbook.