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E-Books Guide


BibliU BibliU's e-book platform provides access to selected academic books purchased by the School to support specific courses.
Users     Students only.

BibliU e-books are integrated in Canvas for each of your courses. Look for the eBook option listed in the main left-hand menu in your course page on Canvas.  Note: You must access the e-book via this method initially, in order to activate the licence.

While books can be read online via the Canvas integration link, we strongly recommend that you download the BibiU app.This will allow you to access e-books offline and to  use the full range of personalisation features. 

Annotations and other features    

When working from text online or in the app, it is possible to add comments and highlight text 
Selecting text will automatically bring up the annotation menu. From here, you can add or remove highlighted sections in a range of colours.
By clicking on the speech bubble icon, you are able to write and save comments for the section of the text which you have selected.
All highlights and comments synchronise completely between all devices so you never lose your notes.

To view all highlights and comments for a particular title in a single list, select the 'annotations' icon in the toolbar.


Printing and copying allowances are set by the publishers and will vary between e-books. 

Find the page/section that you want to print:
• Click on the save to PDF option which can be found on the top right-hand menu (3 buttons)
• This will tell you how many pages you can save or print
• Select current page or enter a page range to print or save

Reading/Downloading via the app    

The BibliU app is available for desktop on both PC and Mac.

It is also available for Android (Google Play) and Apple iOS (Apple store). Note that when opening via the Canvas link on a mobile device the download of these apps will trigger automatically.

When using the app, you are prompted to Login through your university/institution. Simply enter “London Business School” to find our listing and then you will see the familiar LBS Single Sign On (SSO) login form.
Enter your LBS username and password (and respond to any 2FA prompts on your linked device) to complete the institutional login to BibliU app.

Further help    

BibliU provide a full range of guidance and videos which can be found here.

If there is a problem with the e-book functionality, please use the BibliU help option. This can be
found in the top left-hand menu. Here you can search the BibliU help pages or send them a
message (BibliU aim to respond within 3 hours)

For issues with accessing the e-book via Canvas, please contact your course administrator.



The BibliU platform allows you to zoom in, to change font size and colour, and adjust the background colour to your requirements. There is also a text-to-speech feature which allows you to change the accent and speed of the speaker.

Further accessibility information can be found here.