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E-Books Guide

Using Ebook Central


ProQuest's Ebook Central is an e-book platform which provides access to academic books from the world's leading publishers. 


Staff, students, faculty 


Access on and off campus via library catalogue.


Printing and copying pages is restricted according to agreements with various publishers, and can only be done from the Read Online mode.

If you wish to print, note that you will be 'credited' with a set number of pages, which you can then print or save, one page at a time. 

It is possible to make and save notes while reading; these can then be exported or shared with others.


Ebook Central books may be downloaded or read online 

Titles can be downloaded to any device that supports Adobe Digital Editions. 

Downloaded books will remain on your device for one or more days, depending on the loan periods offered (these vary by title).

Ebook Central Bookshelf

The 10 most recent titles that you’ve viewed are displayed here.

Annotation and other features Highlights, notes, and bookmarks that you have made or saved can be accessed when reading books online, or via the Ebook Central bookshelf.

Further help with using Ebook Central, including help on downloading to mobile devices, is available here



ProQuest's Ebook Central platform offers text-to-speech capability, with most content being available as readable PDF files. Do note, however, that some older content comprises PDFs of scanned images. Text can be zoomed up to 300%, while font size and contrast settings can be changed in your browser of choice.

For further details, please see their accessibility statement.