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E-Books Guide

Selected VLeBOOKS titles


VLeBooks is an e-book platform providing access to academic books from the world's leading publishers. The Library has a tailored collection, which can be accessed via the library catalogue or directly via the VLeBOOK platform. 


Staff, Students & Faculty


Access on and off campus via library catalogue or Library A-Z list  

Annotation and other features

When reading eBooks online, users can make notes which are kept indefinitely. These are accessed from your personal VLE bookshelf.


The Read Online mode allows you to print a limited proportion of a title (usually 10%) by clicking on the “Print” button on the right hand side of the screen. A window will open displaying your print allowance for that book.

The Read Online mode also allows you to copy a limited proportion of a title (usually 10%) by clicking on the “Copy” button on the right hand side of the screen

Please note: It is not possible to print or copy from the downloaded version of a VLeBook.


VLeBOOKS may be downloaded or read online. 

Downloaded books will expire from your device for one or more days, depending on the download periods offered. You may wish to delete the file when it is no longer required.

Adobe Digital Editions is required to view downloaded eBooks. 

Save books to your bookshelf by clicking on the star icon next to the title.

Placing a Hold on an E-Book

If the eBook you require is being used by another user, you can place a hold on the title by entering your LBS email in the box when prompted. When the eBook becomes available, you are notified via e-mail.

You can also view eBooks you have previously downloaded and your reserved eBooks by going to VLeBOOKS and clicking on the 'My Account' option (right-hand side).

Downloading to iOS/Android devices

To download you will need to install the VLeBooks app. You will also need to create a free Adobe ID when prompted. The VLeBooks app can be downloaded from the Apple App or Google Play Store. 

Select the download option and the length of download you require; when the download link has been generated the message “Click here to download” will display.

Further information is available on the VLeBooks website 


VLeBooks is compatible with screen readers via an ASCII text layer.

There is built-in text to speech capability in both desktop and mobile platforms, with alt-tags dependent upon publisher provision.

Books are available in PDF and read online formats, with zoom and various accessibility options available (under the 'Edit Accessibility' menu).  A colour palate including dyslexia friendly colours is available.

DRM limits are set by publisher, with a handful of DRM-free titles available. However it is possible to source DRM-free copies upon request. 

See here for further information.