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Company research

Investment analysts' research reports

Mergent Online This is our primary source for analysts' research. Go to the "Investext" tab to search. 
To limit the results when searching by company name try searching for the name as keyword in title.

Or click here for direct access to Investext.
Finance Zone
Our academic account has limited access to brokers reports. Find the company then use the function code <DS > 
Factiva Go to the Companies and Markets tab. Find your company and go to Analysis & Profiles to find a few recent reports,

Includes some Equity reports from J.P. Morgan. To find them search for your sector or company. Then use filters on left to limit the search to reports and then publication title which should be J.P. Morgan Equites Research Reports.

  CIQ has analysts' recommendations but our subscription does NOT include the full-text of the analysts' reports.