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Company research

Share price data

S&P Capital IQ

Go to: Stock Chart and then to Page Tools (3 dots, top right) to view the download options. If you go to the annotated stock chart you can view the graph with key events flagged and download the event headlines and dates.
Registration required
Go to the Menu > Prices> Price history. Use the settings to adjust frequency and use download icon top right. 
Return data (last 2 years) is in the menu too.
(including Datastream)
In Eikon, find your stock > Price and charts. Can easily download 2 years of daily data providing: Close, Net, %Chg, Open, Low,  High, Volume, Turnover - USD, Flow. It will also supply a number of higher frequency data download options. (30 minute interval for one month etc.).
If using the Datastream add-in, long time series of share price data can be downloaded for individual equities or lists of equities.
LBS staff and students find out more about Eikon access. LBS Faculty and PhD students see this page for Eikon access.
Finance Zone                           

Enter <GP> for price chart - right click to copy and past data into Excel. Use  <GIP> for intraday prices.  
Or use the Excel add in for downloading large quantities of data.
N.B. Use the Excel Add-In fix. The instructions are on the Finance Suite Desktops and printed out on display in the Finance Suite.

Data downloaded using the Bloomberg Excel Add-in is subject to daily and monthly download limits - see this page.

Mergent Online Find the company and go to the Equity pricing tab and change Chart to Report. Alter the date range and frequency. Click on the Excel download to export.
Factiva Companies and market tab > Quotes.  Alter date range and frequency. Change the format to table to save as a CSV file.
registration required
CRSP (the Center for Research in Security Prices) provides quarterly-updated historical US databases of stock, indices, bond, and mutual fund securities covering price, return and volume. Hosted on WRDS platform which requires registration.