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Company research



Capital IQ Look up company and go to the side menu > Investors for a tabbed report:
Summary, Detailed, History, Crossholdings: Holders Analysis
Mergent Online Look up company - Ownership tab> Top 25  Institutional holders, Insider, Insider trades.
Registration required

Find your company> Go to ownership in the side or top menu. Gives key statistics (shares outstanding and ownership type), Top 15 institutions and top 5 insiders. (With link to historical positions.)

Eikon Has a range of shareholder views including top investors from the latest filing, recent buys and sells. Also show breakdown of the style of the owing fund: growth index, hedge etc. 
LBS staff and students find out more about Eikon access. LBS Faculty and PhD students see this page for Eikon access.
Finance Zone
Look up company and go to <OWN> GO - for an ownership summary with links to more detail.