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Company research

Competitors / peer group

Capital IQ  Go to peer analysis > Quick Comps
‚ÄčRegistration required
Go to Overview > Comps.
Eikon Find company - menu > Overview
This displays a peer group (bottom right). Go to the Peer tab for further options and template views.
LBS staff and students see this page for Eikon access. LBS Faculty and PhD students see this page for Eikon access.
Mergent Online Company details > Competitors. Or to select output: Report Builder > Comparison report
Finance Zone or B101
Find your company and enter: <RV> Relative valuation, or Equity Relative Valuation analytics <EQRV>
Factiva Go to the tab: Companies/Market > CompanyGood for a concise profile including a peer comparison.
Fame (UK) Find company and go to View Worksheet > Peer report 
Orbis Europe Find the company and go to Peer Report > table