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Company research

Fundamentals and ratios

UK Fame - public and private companies. Use for small/private UK companies. Back file up to 20 years.
Europe Orbis Europe (Not banks and insurance companies) Use for large and very large sized European companies. Our coverage is for companies with an operating revenue >= $13 million US (10 million EUR) or over 150 employees. Back file 10 years.
(This has replaced Amadeus.)

S&P Capital IQ Works on and off campus.  Back file 20+ years.  

Eikon has financials back to the mid 1990s and can be as far back as 1983. LBS staff and students find out more about Eikon access. LBS Faculty and PhD students see this page for Eikon access.

Factset Registration required. Use the web version. Works on and off campus. Can have financials back to 1980s.

Bloomberg  **On campus - in the Finance Zone only**   Use Function <FA> for company financials.

Mergent Online  Works on and off campus. (No registration needed). Back file 20+ years.

Compustat Registration required We have access to the North American and Global files.  


Fitch Connect  For global banks up to 30 years of data, also includes ratings reports for banks and data on Sovereigns (Replaces the defunct Bankscope database.)