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Company research

Private Companies

In the USA private companies are not required by law to release any information to the public so researching them can be very difficult. If the company was a startup try using Pitchbook. 

Fame UK - Includes all UK registered companies. Note that small companies have different filing requirements. 
Orbis Europe -.Our coverage is for companies wiht an operating revenue >= $13 million US (10 million EUR) or over 150 emplyees.
Capital IQ Global - Covers some private companies, particularly good at Private Equity backed companies.  Use S&P capital IQ pro (registration required) to thoroughly check private company coverage as this has better coverage.
Mergent Online Global - Ensure you tick the box for private companies. Some limited data may be available from D&B.
Factiva Global - use the Companies and Markets tab > Company  to see if there are any figures for a private company.
Proquest Global - search for the company by name and use the side bar to limit by date and to publication titles to private company research reports. 
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Global - a database for PE/VC - and is useful to find VC funded (private) companies. Minimal downloading is availble so you must do your analysis in the product.

Forbes provides a list of America's largest private companies.

The Library of Congress adivises on sources of data and the issues when researching US companies here.

Public Disclosure Requirements for Private Companies: U.S. vs. Europe.