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Financial markets data

Accounts and ratios

Use the financial analysis function <FA> for a range of different company financials and ratios. Bloomberg also has Excel templates for detailed company accounts. 

Capital IQ
CIQ has global listed company accounts with a back file of 20+ years. For longer time series of US equities use the Compustat option from the side menu. Use the Excel add-in to download detailed accounts or to upload a list and select the metrics you need. Or, use it to access different templates such as WACC analysis.

Compustat (via WRDS)
We have access to the North American and Canadian, and Global files. It provides standardized financial statements for over 80,000 active and inactive publicly traded companies, supplying 300+ annual and 100 quarterly Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Statement of Cash Flows, and supplemental data items. For most companies, annual history is available back to 1950 and quarterly history back to 1962, with monthly market history back to 1962.  

Compustat - Banks (via WRDs)
Granular regulatory financial data for 16,000+ operating and 29,000+ global historical holding companies, banks, and credit unions

Datastream - Worldscope data -  via Eikon
The Datastream add-in (via Eikon) offers Worldscope with historical data (35+years for developed markets) on 31,000 active and 9,000 inactive companies, offering over 1,500 potential data types. Worldscope data is also available on the WRDS platform.

Eikon has financials and ratios back to the mid -1990s, some as far back as 1983. 

It can supply financial and ratios for around 20 years. Just go to the download symbol to download. We don't have the add-in so you have to save data for each company individually.

Factset Fundamentals (V3) – International (ex US and Canada) – via WRDS
Annual data back to 1980

Factset Fundamentals (V3) – US and Cananda – via WRDS
Annual data back to 1979-12

UK public and private companies. Use for small/private UK companies. Back file up to 10 years.

Financial Ratios Suite - US - via WRDS
This is a web-based engine that delivers over 70 pre-calculated financial ratios for all US companies across eight different categories (Valuation, Liquidity, Profitability, and etc) back to1970. Ratios for each individual company as well as at industry aggregated level are included in the output.

Mergent Online  
A simple way to access global company accounts. Back file 20+ years. Not ideal for large quantity downloading.

Orbis - Europe 
Our subscription covers very large and large European Companies and will include some of the largest prvate companies. It also includes companies that are no longer trading. It does  not cover finance or insurance companies. It provides 10 years of data.