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Financial markets data

Ownership / shareholders

For an equity enter <HDS> GO to view the institutional and insider holdings with an option to download to Excel. For shareholder activism go to BI ACT <GO>

Capital IQ
The company tearsheet shows a company's owner/ultimate parent. from the menus go to Investors to view public and private ownership plus Investor activism. It provides detailed tables and graphics showing holdings by owner type, (Hedge fund , family office, investment banks size, turnover etc.)

For an equity go the ownership tab for a summary page and a  shareholders reports and furthers fund investor views with holdings, investor types and holdings changes.

Find your company> Go to ownership in the side or top menu. Gives key statistics (shares outstanding and ownership type), Top 15 institutions and top 5 insiders with link to historical positions. It also offers an institutional debt summary by type of institution and my maturity.

Look up company - Ownership tab for: Top 25 iInstitutional holders, Insiders and, Insider trades. For insider holings and changes can also be found on the Executives tab.