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Financial markets data

Earnings estimate

For an equity enter EE <GO> to view earnings estimates EE HIST gives history, EE SURP surprises. Or try EEO for consensu overview .

Simply go the menu to Esti
mates to view estimates and guidance, earnings you can go back ten years or more.

For an equity view the side menu for an estimates summary - most data segments can be downloaded individually. It also provides guidance history; surprise history; and targets & ratings.Go to the Company overview>Events calendar to see forthcoming earnings call dates and to view transcripts of past calls.

Estimates provides valuation forecasts from virtually all research firms, covering more than 20,000 companies in over 70 countries. Type estimates in the Search box on the top left of the application and select the relevant Estimates View from the Autosuggest list, or open the Estimates tab of a Company page and select an estimates report. To view the full earnings calendar, go to Events, click Event Types > Clear All, expand Corporate & Earnings, select Earnings Calls/Presentations and Earnings Releases, and click Update View.