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Financial markets data


Global commodity data, analysis and forecasts covering the main commodity areas: energy<NRG>metals <MINE> and agriculture <AGRS>. Use <GLCO> for a global commodity overview, <CMCX> for the Bloomberg commodity Indices or <CPFC>  for forecasts. Or go to the Commodity markets home page to browse the wide range of  commodity data options available.

Capital IQ
Go to the CIQ markets tab > Commodities >precious metals. You can get 5 years of historic daily prices for a number of commodities, plus futures data. Download from the chart.

Datastream - via Eikon
For statistical data (such as production, exports etc) and the IMF Commodity series go to the Economics category for spot commodities prices from various exchanges.  Commodity futures and commodity options can be found under the Futures and Options asset classes.  Datastream provides an extensive suite of over 3,000 commodity indices from all major commodity index providers including spot, excess and total return indices. 

The Commodities homepage is a useful starting page providing relevant news and categorised information . Or just type Coffee or Gold for example to find the overview page for the product with spots, futures, forecast and statistics. 

Commodities are under the markets menu: spots, futures, estimates, commitment of traders. Find your commodity and go to price history to download. There are options to download estimates and a graph/data of continuous contracts.

Global Financial Data
Global Financial Data GFD provides historic data with some commodities data back to the eighteenth century.


Free web resource

World Bank - Commodity Prices - History and Projections
Commodity prices are updated in the second business day of the month. Commodity price forecasts are updated twice a year (April and October). The Manufacture Unit Value Index (MUV), also updated twice a year, can be found in the in the worksheet “Annual Price” excel file, “Annual Indices (Real)” worksheet.