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Copyright for course packs

The CLA return

The CLA return

Annually the School has a legal requirement to submit a return to the CLA listing items (book chapters and journal or magazine articles) used in electronic course packs that fall under the CLA licence agreement. (Not links but attached items.) The period covered is: 1 June - 31 May each year. The CLA supply a copy of the official digital record form as a pre-formatted Excel spreadsheet.)
The CLA asks for the ISBN or ISSN for books/journals. You can find the ISSN of a journal by using The A-Z list of E-journals (the first entry in the A-Z list of databases or Browzine. There may be one ISSN for a print version of a journal and another for the e-version. 
For ISBNs (International Standard Book Numbers) you can use the Library catalogue as we need to have the book in stock (or as departmental copy, but not a personal copy) if we are to comply with the CLA licence rules. 

The details needed on the CLA spreadsheet are:

  • Column B (course_codes) 
  • Column C (course_title) 
  • Column D (duration) – the number of weeks the course runs for (including assessment, examination and re-sits)
  • Column E (number) – the number of students registered on this particular course.
  • Column D – The ISBN / ISSN of the publication.
  • Column E – The title of the publication. Column F – This column needs to be completed if you are scanning from a journal.
  • Column G – For each journal article, insert details of the first named contributor (e.g. author or editor) For book chapters, please insert details of the first named contributor (e.g. author or editor) if different from the author or editor of the book.
  • Columns H&I – the page numbers you are scanning from and to. Not the chapter information - but the page numbers.
  • Column J* – please refer to the codes in the field key in Tab 3 and select from the drop down menu to indicate the source from which the Digital Copy has been made.
  • Column K – this column should only be completed if the Digital Copy has been supplied by another institution.


*The CLA return asks for a source code for each item.
These are

A - From Paper original owned by Institution - Items we have scanned ourselves.
B - From Digital original licensed to institution - items added to a course room as a digital copy taken from a database that permits this: JSTOR, BSC etc. (Not Factiva- we can only link to Factiva.) 
C - From a copyright fee paid copy - if we do not have a copy of the book or journal and need to buy it copyright cleared from the British Library.
D - From another HEI under Sharing Provision – We do not use this option.