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Copyright for course packs

Attaching copies of PDFs take from public websites

Attaching copies of PDFs taken from: public websites  

Don’t assume material that is readily accessible on the internet and social networking sites is freely available for reuse.
Freely available does not mean copyright free.

If you are saving and providing students with a document (PDF) or copying the content to make a document (rather than linking) - then you must check that the website/publisher permits copying. They may use a Creative Commons Licence to permit re-use; look out for the CC symbol. 

The copyright restrictions can usually be found under “Terms of use” or "Rights/Permissions” on the website.  A number of organizations will permit re-use by educational and not for profit bodies. You must always attribute the source/author.

You may have to contact the publisher to obtain permission. It may be granted freely or there may be a charge. This can take time!
They may tell you to use the US Copyright Clearance Centre website which acts as their agent dealing with copyright charges. (But first check that the title is not covered by our CLA licence.)

Any queries contact the Library. Email