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Copyright for course packs


We have a basic Higher Education (HEA) licence with the Newspaper Licencing Agency (NLA) This permits occasional paper copying and certain digital use for use in electronic course rooms.

UK Newspapers
Digital copying from UK newspaper websites is usually permitted for the purpose of e-mailing to students, copying and pasting into course room resources. (For terms go to this document.)  Alternatively link to the newspapers free website, however there is often a limit to the number of artilces that can be read. Alternativly create a link to the newspaper article in Factiva. NB. See linking instructions. 
Note that ND next to UK titles in this list indicates no digital copying is permitted. 

The FT does not permit digital copying.
You must not attach PDF of FT articles. All degree programme students, plus staff and faculty can register for full FT.Com access. Tell them to register (see link below) and then provide them with a direct link to articles. To make the link you need to have registered.
N.B. Cutting and pasting the link at the top of the page will work for the but it relies on the student having registered. So tell them to register and provide them with this link to register:

     Link to an FT articles in Factiva following the linking instructions – but the link is very long.
     Make a list using the personalised myFT tool and give the students the link to this list. (For help contact the Library.)

Foreign newspapers
The digital copying of foreign newspaper titles is not permitted unless otherwise stated by the letters DC.  
The exceptions are The Wall Street Journal and the Washington Post - they do permit digital copying.
Here is the list of UK and Foreign newspapers covered.
Each person to who receives digital cuttings may make a single hard copy of each one delivered to them, for their own use in the course of their work/study. News cutting may remain in the course resources for no more than 28 days.

Ensure you save the document with _nla in the file name. 

Each newspaper item copied should carry the following notice:

                 NLA licensed copy. No further copies may be made except under licence.