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Copyright for course packs

E-Books in Canvas

Supplying e-books to students
The School/Library aims to balance student preference, cost, and convenience when supplying reading materials. It takes time to obtain copies, negotiate discounts or purchase and enable online access to e-books.
If you need to know if there is an e-book available please email us: Library

If you need the entire book:
Your options are:

  1. Investigate if a Library e-book is available which each student can access (on/off campus). There is no individual login required but the student must be in Portal or link to the e-book using an appropriate ULR (they may be required to re-affirm their Portal credentials.) To download the book (for a limited period) the student may need to have Adobe Digital Editions installed. Email: to double check the availability/existence of a Library type e-Book.) N.B. Do not copy and paste the e-book url and put this link in portal as it will not work off campus. Ask the Library to provide a reliable link.
  2. Request a high number of Library print copies (to be located in the course collection section of the Library) for short term borrowing. Do check which edition is being used.
  3. Purchase print copies of the book, one for each student. (If given sufficient notice the Library may be able to negotiate a discount with a supplier.)
  4. Supply individual e-books for each student. Allow time to organize passwords and deal with access issues.

If you need just one or two chapters of a book 
If supplying one or two key chapters is sufficient the CLA blanket licence permits us to attach a scanned chapter (or up to 10%) from most of the books we hold in print in the library. There is often the option to pay (using the CLA 2nd extracts service) for an extra chapter. If more chapters are needed approach the publisher – rights clearance may take as long as 6 weeks. To see if a title we hold is covered by the CLA licence go to their title lookup.
To order a second extract contact the Library: 
For books by Harvard Business Publishing you need to buy permissions using the or go direct to Harvard Business Publishing.