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Copyright for course packs

Case studies


The School sources cases mainly from Harvard. They are a special type of teaching material and are purchased for each course as it is run. They are not Library materials and copyright is tightly controlled.

Cases are usually supplied as digitally rights managed (DRM) links to PDFs and the links cease to work a short while after the course ends. (The details of the course the case study is for is printed on each page.) The Links should be distributed via a password protected area - such as Canvas. They should not be emailed.

We generally buy cases from a central supplier: The Case Centre.Org . You need to register with them. Note that some Case Studies published by HBS are not distributed by the Case Centre so you may have to go direct to Harvard.

The recipient of the links can download the PDFs and/or print them - to keep for future personal use only. ie not to re-distribute.

LBS Cases
We can use our own cases for free – do NOT buy them. Contact the subject area or email